Nat & Hannah

On August 9th Nat and Hannah made their vows known at St Lawrence church and celebrated back at Nat’s family home, Malshangar. This was an overall stunning wedding, certainly helped by it’s rather idyllic Hampshire set up, as well as the weather doing everything you want it to do!

What I clearly remember is how the whole affair was remarkably ‘together’! Nat’s organisational skills shining through! which is perhaps why it seemed so chilled when I arrived, with everything having been completed and Nat casually playing football with the guys, not an ounce of concern in sight (well visibly at least). This was clearly a marriage that has been a certainty for a while- which was evident in the beautiful balcony room in which Hannah was sipping on her champagne and gradually being prepped and pampered, a happy sight indeed, filled with so much peace and excitement. This isn’t to say there weren’t a few tears or weeping moments involved! (happy tears of course).

The dancing in the evening was a certain highlight- guests ‘brought it’ that’s for sure. I will probably never forget the dance off I witnessed between Jo Colman and Andrew Stansbury, the winner I can’t be sure- but the entertainment value was undeniably strong.

Freddie Reed is certainly to be credited and was a superb second shooter, some pics within this blog will have been taken by him.

My camera was ‘taken’ for a few shots by Will Stokes- so there may be an image you can guess was taken by him… it would have certainly been inappropriate from me! not saying it wasn’t for him…


Set in the rural village of Priston (a very small, and easily missed spot, just outside of Bath), John and Lucy celebrated their marriage. This was one of those breathtaking days, where the beauty just increased as the day went on.  Lucy’s family home sums up the word ‘idyllic’, laden with aesthetic treasures and beautiful memories, it was as if the location was made for this day.  We were all spoilt with 360 degree views from the Marquee (complete with ponies and donkeys!), beautiful light and endless creative detail. The weather, although on bad form in the morning, conveniently subsided and cleared off for the rest of the day #favour.  Such a peaceful,  joyful day that flowed at the greatest of ease.  These two are pretty awesome beings, which was confirmed and emphasised during the speeches! which makes it a pretty sweet deal that I get to know them- score.  I have no doubt their marriage will be a spectacular adventure, one which Im glad to have witnessed for at least a small, yet rather important part of the first chapter. Hope this visual record does justice to the dreamy day that it was…

Credit to the wonderful Freddie Reed, who did a superb job as second shooter.