Tim and Lulu

This was a very swift follow on from a wedding the day before but me oh my it was a very welcome one.

A wedding bursting at the seams with creativity, I knew from the moment I saw the incredible dress that the day would unfold in a similar vein. That dress! (props to Lulu’s incredibly talented sister Jo Cook for making it)

Given the fact that the bride and I go back a long way, it was rather special and moving to be invited to capture this momentous day.  These two have really walked together, chosen one another, and are so clearly mad about each other. It was indeed a glorious and good thing when ‘I Do’ happened.

The service itself was very special- not to mention a remarkable feat of  getting the 200 guests into this beautiful little church, with the amazing collection of musicians taking up a third of the space! It felt incredibly intimate in the best sense.

The sun was shining all day, the marquee was exquisite, overflowing with homemade beautiful origami cranes, with views of the church nestled amongst Gloucestershire countryside. This was a day packed with fun, incredible music, hilarious and heart felt speeches, superb and strong dance moves, delicious food and tremendous people. 

This is a well loved couple, who I know will be powerfully used and will bless many.

Gregg & Emily

This was a particularly special occasion because it was family. Emily is sister to my brother in law and The Old Rectory and its inhabitants have long been precious to the Panes Family. Although the day was a little chillier than might have been hoped, there was no dampening of this joyous celebration, set against the backdrop of the glorious Devonshire countryside. 

Emily’s classical beauty just shone in the beautiful dress she had chosen and designed, and the look on Gregg’s face throughout the day clearly showed he was in a agreement. This wedding was packed with goodness; the food, the decoration, the setting and the people. Both bride and groom radiated joy and the whole day resounded with happiness. It was indeed a very wonderful celebration.

Special thanks to Freddie Reed for his stellar skills as second shooter for the day.