Richard & Charlotte

On a typically characteristic London day, Richard and Charlotte tied the knot in the beautiful St Peters of Notting Hill. Location, peeps, set up – loved it.

Lucia & Patrick

This was a pretty gorgeous day, with one of the best weather turn arounds I’ve witnessed… as you can see it started pouring with rain, with a puddle that covered the entire entrance to the church! – however by lunchtime the rains subsided and the sun was fully on Patrick and Lucia’s side. Such a sunny, happy day- filled with adorable children and a spectacular effort in dress wear, a seriously attractive and stylish bunch of guests, all of which really worked the colour palette- always pleasing.

Such a joy to capture these two, no doubt they will have a very happy lasting marriage, no denying these two were absolutely smitten.  I hope you enjoy reminiscing the good times.x