Uganda: Part IV


This part of the trip was potentially the most harrowing and yet incredibly inspiring and joy filled. Dad knew the founders of ‘Child of Hope’ from home, so had been longing to visit for a while. C.O.H is a school that was built in the heart of one of the largest slums in Uganda, in the Mbale district. It’s an astonishing place to visit and to see the wondrous works that are happening there. The school is aimed to give an education for free to the children of the slum. Preventing over crowded classrooms and restricted learning, the teachers are careful in selecting the children, discovering that if you pick the eldest child from a family and train and teach them, they can then go back to their families and share with their younger siblings and parents, so far this method has worked well, and steadily education is spreading throughout the slum. 

The school also hosts a medical unit and business centre, which has been hugely beneficial. It is remarkable to see how a dream of a school has become a reality and is transforming lives daily. It truly is a blazing light in a dark and sad situation. The faith that the children carry was immensely humbling and inspiring. A charity well worth looking into.