Brazil. Part I. Rio: Jardim Botanico, Jóquei Clube, Copacabana, Pão de Açúcar (sugar loaf)

In February I was given the unexpected opportunity to be able to travel to Brazil for 5 weeks. Keen to challenge myself and explore unfamiliar territory, without the comfort of plans, companions, or portuguese, I set off alone. A first for me. The whole experience was hugely enriching, and certainly drew out deeper levels of faith. Though there were many stories, I shan’t endeavour to re tell all, but will leave you with the visual record of what was a wonderfully colourful trip. Due to the volume of photo’s taken, this is just the first instalment.

Andy & Katy

Here we have the lovely Katy and Andy, who declared their I Do’s at the befitting St. Barnabas Church in Cambridge, where Andy is a student worker. This was sadly only a half day wedding for me, however I had a wonderful second shooter in Sarah Ward who completed the affair for me from the reception dinner onwards. All in all this was a great wedding, and I’m so pleased that I managed to capture part of it.